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Patrick Hynes

“I’ve committed and won’t look back now. We just signed off our first deal yesterday. It works!”

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Emma Barry

“I was worried about my capability. Now, my aspirations; there is no ceiling and I’m so excited that there are so many options in how this can grow.”

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Emma Lorente

“We’ve ended up with a Buy To Let flat, a Serviced Accommodation and we’re about to do a refurb. We’ve now brought our sons onto Protégé with us.”

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Connaire McGuiness

“You wouldn’t have thought property was something you could just start from scratch but the strategies they teach you make it possible.”

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Adele Clark

“We had 3 But To Lets but thought we were missing something. We came here and our minds were blown. The more knowledge you have, the better you will do.”

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Taylor McDonald

“Since Property Protege, I have been building my portfolio and I’m going full-time into property.”

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Ross Gunn

“Protege as a whole has exceeded my expectations…completely blown me away. I know we would get a lot of information but not what we have been given.”

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Tracy Fordyce

“I’ve had my own properties. I’ve done lots of things wrong and now I’ve learned how to do it right. You learnt that you can afford to start a property business.”

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“Today I completed on a property that will be going into my portfolio and there will be no money left in the deal. You get all the tools here.”

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“I’ve been a developer in Australia for 12 years. I didn’t know there were these options available.”

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Chris Clarke

“We have 3 Buy To Let’s at home but we haven’t been able to refinance. With what we have learned here, we’re going to change it up and go full-time in property.”

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“I’ve learned a lot of things I can apply to my personal life, my day job which makes me a better person. Property and wealth is a by product of that. If I get one of those right, it’s a win.”

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“I was an accidental landlord with one property. I’ve just completed on my second today. I feel so positive and that it’s possible.”

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Alan McDonald

“I’ve just had an acceptance on a 5-bedroom property. This is something that I probably wouldn’t have been able to push forward with without the help of the guys at Property Protege.”

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Chris Bennett

“Hopefully when this property sells, I’ll be full-time in property so this has been a game changer for me. The support network you get, the knowledge you get, the options you get, it’s invaluable.”

Paul's course, Property Protege, has opened my mind. The opportunities out there are crazy. Now I have the knowledge to get after them. Highly recommend this course and being part of the "tribe"

Adam Higgins

Words wouldn’t be enough to express the value of the course and it’s exciting content. Paul’s course was outstanding. It’s content-packed, exciting and there are new strategies that were never mentioned in any of the previous ones I did.

Auden Dery

I would recommend the Protege course to anyone serious about getting into the world of property investment. The content provided pre course, at the event and post event is superb and gives you the foundations and confidence to go out and succeed in the property world.

Ryan Rogan

I recently attended the Property Protege event, I went there with an open mind not knowing what to expect. The content provided is so strong, you will leave this course eager to get going in the property world.

Ross McGarvie

Property Protege is the complete package for anyone looking to get started in Property or even for those who are already in the game but want to take it to the next level.

Tony Ferrarira Assuncao

Wow, want an experience! I couldn’t recommend the PMW team enough! They are extremely professional and offer a fantastic property training development course. Not only do they cover all basis, the fundamentals and the importance of having the correct foundations, whilst going into great depths.

Jamie Hazell

Highly recommend for anyone who is currently in property or wants to be! Paul is incredible as clearly sharing his knowledge in a way that is understandable!

Emma Frew

This is not some get rich quick generic property course and it is far more than just learning about property, it’s a journey into yourself and learning to unlock your true potential.

Matt Knowles

Paul McFadden and his team of superb mentors and educational speakers were brilliant. The course is jam packed with lots of powerful content to help you on your property journey whether you are just starting off like myself or wanting to take your business up a level.

Glen Halliday

Attended Protege last week, and all I can say is the material Paul offers is Mind Blowing!!! Paul is genuinely one of the most experienced gents I’ve had the privilege of meeting and training me.

Mike Finnan

Paul and his team gave me an incredible amount of information. The opportunities for networking and making meaningful connections with other property professionals from all over the UK were worth the entry price alone! The course was intense but full of enthusiasm and fun.

Franck Pauly

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