WARNING!…Before Applying to Join Property Protege, Our 12 Month Mentorship Program.

Be aware!...This proven path has created millionaires and 6-figure earners with 7-figure property portfolios, And helped hundreds of people just like you start their journey to financial independence.

...No matter if you're new or experienced, Property Protege can help you build your dream life.


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Property Protege is a results driven mentorship program that helps beginners get started. It also helps experienced investors take their business to the next level.

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Here’s How It Get's Results


Access to experienced property professionals who are where you want to be now and who can show you how to get there. You’ll get ongoing support throughout your property journey.


Use proven strategies and frameworks to predict success in property. Stand out and operate like a property professional.

Networking Access

Connect with property professionals and industry experts for support.


Join us for a multi day intensive training session in our HQ. Learn all you need to start or grow your own property business. All done in a supportive, interactive and engaging way.


If you’re searching for property deals, finance for a project, or a Joint Venture Partner, you’ll join a network of property investors who are ready to help and work together.


Property Investing Is Lonely. We Have Changed That.

You will learn how to start and grow a property business in our safe and supportive environment.
You’ll learn from experts who have built successful property portfolios. They’ll show you how to do the same.

Here's how it works...


Before attending the live event, you can access online training in our Property Vault. You can start learning the basics of property right away. When you come to the event, you’ll already have a good level of knowledge. This will help you fully engage and learn more while we’re together.


Take the Property Protege Multi Day Intensive course to quickly become a pro no matter where you’re starting from. Our course covers more than just property. It also teaches the mindset for starting and growing a profitable business. To help you succeed, we look at the habits and qualities that promote personal growth in all areas of life.

Next, we’ll focus on the basics to help you find profitable property deals and understand your prime areas. You’ll also learn how to confidently do your Due Diligence.

In the rest of Protege, As well as learning how to build a profitable property portfolio and how to make money by buying and flipping properties and trading deals for quick cash, we’ll also show you multiple advanced strategies to help get more creative with your deals.


Learn advanced strategies such as HMOs, Serviced Accommodations, Assisted Sales, and Lease Options. These strategies give you an advantage to make money from any property deal, learn how to be a smart property developer, find profitable opportunities, work with builders, and ensure profitable deals.

We’ll also give you our secret strategies on ways to find properties that aren’t on the market. You’ll also learn how make offers and improve on your negotiation abilities. You’ll get access to my expert team, including my tax advisor and my finance team for funding options.

At the end of the Protege event you’ll have a step-by-step property investment plan. It’s helped numerous attendees become financially free in just 12 months from a standing start.


You’ll gain exclusive access to more sections of the Property Protege Training Vault after the event. 

These sections will provide advanced materials, resources, and post-event training modules. 

You can access special content on important topics like business structures and compliance. This content will enhance what you learned at the live event.


Every week, we have Zoom Calls where you can join the Property Protege community. During these calls, you’ll get more training and stay updated with the latest content. 

You’ll also hear from others in the community as they share their deals and successes. Plus, you’ll get support from the team and other Tribe members. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered!


You’ll also get access to our private group on FB and Telegram where you can ask a question and always get a response. The PMW team are in there, ready to help and support you when needed, as are the rest of the Tribe. 

When you go out into the world of Property that’s when the real learning takes place. You’ll need help. The group and the zoom calls are where it happens.


The Protege community is a safe place for you. You can share ideas, celebrate wins, and get answers to important questions quickly. Friendships are formed, partnerships are created, and deals are made. You’ll join a group of like-minded people who are at different stages of their journey.
Some of whom are just starting, while others have achieved success with million-pound portfolios and wins. We’re proud of the network that’s formed around us, especially the extent that people go to support one another.

If you want deals or if you need money, there’s plenty available from people within the group who want to invest or Joint Venture with you. If you need to build your contacts and network, the protege community is the perfect place to do it. The power is within the tribe.

Member Qualifications

Exclusivity Defined: Elevating Standards By Carefully Selecting Who Joins Our Property Protege Community

At the heart of a successful group is the collective strength of its members. We created a program that empowers you with knowledge and the support to succeed. It gets results. Yet, it’s not just about success. We are looking for people who are also open to learning. Additionally, they should be ambitious and have strong ethics. Simply put, we are choosing people whom we would be proud to be associate with. To join Property Protege, you must meet these fundamental requirements:

Commitment To Learning

To get the most out of a mentorship program, members must be truly committed to their growth. To be open to new ideas, take on challenging tasks, and approach learning proactively.

Honesty And Integrity

These qualities are important because they create trust and respect in the program. It is important to be ethical and respect each others’ experiences and perspectives.

Resilience and Tenacity

The path to success is not always smooth. In a mentorship program it’s important for members to be strong and determined. They should be able to recover from setbacks and keep working towards their goals. This shows character and determination.

Good Communication Skills

To share ideas, ask for help, and give feedback, members need good communication skills. You’ll need to be good at listening and speaking, and also be able to express your thoughts and ideas clearly.

Responsibility and Accountability

You must be responsible and take ownership of your actions and decisions. To be successful you must set achievable goals, act, and own your results. Remember we are always here to provide support and help you on your journey.

Showing You Care

Having respect and appreciating others matters. Good people try to understand different opinions and backgrounds. Members should look out for each other, embrace diversity, and make this a welcoming place.

We celebrate our members accomplishments as well as their dedication to personal growth. So if you have those same values, think about joining Property Protege. Together, we’re more than a group, but a force for positive change, a group that gets results.

*Note: Meeting the specific requirements does not guarantee admission into Property Protege.
During your application call we will address other important requirements.


Your Time Is Valuable. So Is Ours.

Joining Property Protege is easy and quick because we prioritise efficiency and time. Here’s how it works…


To start your journey, click on Apply Now. Complete the form to provide some information about yourself and schedule a call. The application process is FREE! Make sure to answer fully to the best of your ability (More detail is better).


Once you’ve applied you’ll be able to book an appointment to have a call with someone from our team. This is NOT a sales call. It’s a chance to learn more about the Property Protege program. You can ask questions and see if it’s going to be right for you. Rest assured, we don’t accept on-the-spot commitments, even if you’re ready with your credit card in hand.


We will carefully review your application as well as reflecting on our discussion. If the Protege program is a good fit and will help you reach your goals, we will accept your application. Then we’ll begin planning and onboarding you into the Tribe.


Once you’ve joined Property Protege, you’ll obtain access to the online training and you’ll also get help choosing a suitable live event to attend. You’ll also get help to plan some first steps to achieve a few quick wins and speed up your journey to success.


Get ready for our intensive Multi day event. By the end of the event you’ll have a clear strategy tailored to your personal circumstances and goals. Whats more, following the event, our program will provide you with a full year of mentorship support, which has helped many tribe members achieve financial freedom within this time. Your journey to success is our commitment.


Become A Property Protege Member

We want to help you achieve financial freedom by building wealth through property. Our members achieve financial freedom and build profitable property businesses within a year. They receive expert mentorship, learn proven strategies, and join a supportive community.

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what our members are saying

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“The whole thing has been completely life changing. We bought 2 houses within 4 days of attending protege netting us £40,000 and within our first year we will turn over well in excess of £1,000,000.”

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“It’s been an amazing year so far, I have went and done over 20 sourced deals to investors.”

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“Since Property Protege, a whole new world has opened up. I have developed properties, flips and buy to let and am now getting involved in commercial to residential properties too.”

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“We hadn’t even bought our own home, we were literally clueless. If we can do it anyone can do it but we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the guidance and help along the way.”

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“I wrote 130 pages of notes in 4 days. Before Property Protege, I was working in property management but wanted to get into property trading which Protege allowed me to do, we’re bringing in investors with £500k+ in funds. We have also built our own portfolio and are looking at bigger projects.”

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“Between August and November it’s just blown up. I’ve come back with a large amount of investment, loads of deals under my belt and I’m now completing on 3 properties for myself starting from nothing and they are going to be my own portfolio.”

Paul's course, Property Protege, has opened my mind. The opportunities out there are crazy. Now I have the knowledge to get after them. Highly recommend this course and being part of the "tribe"

Adam Higgins

Words wouldn’t be enough to express the value of the course and it’s exciting content. Paul’s course was outstanding. It’s content-packed, exciting and there are new strategies that were never mentioned in any of the previous ones I did.

Auden Dery

I would recommend the Protege course to anyone serious about getting into the world of property investment. The content provided pre course, at the event and post event is superb and gives you the foundations and confidence to go out and succeed in the property world.

Ryan Rogan

I recently attended the Property Protege event, I went there with an open mind not knowing what to expect. The content provided is so strong, you will leave this course eager to get going in the property world.

Ross McGarvie

Property Protege is the complete package for anyone looking to get started in Property or even for those who are already in the game but want to take it to the next level.

Tony Ferrarira Assuncao

Wow, want an experience! I couldn’t recommend the PMW team enough! They are extremely professional and offer a fantastic property training development course. Not only do they cover all basis, the fundamentals and the importance of having the correct foundations, whilst going into great depths.

Jamie Hazell

Highly recommend for anyone who is currently in property or wants to be! Paul is incredible as clearly sharing his knowledge in a way that is understandable!

Emma Frew

This is not some get rich quick generic property course and it is far more than just learning about property, it’s a journey into yourself and learning to unlock your true potential.

Matt Knowles

Paul McFadden and his team of superb mentors and educational speakers were brilliant. The course is jam packed with lots of powerful content to help you on your property journey whether you are just starting off like myself or wanting to take your business up a level.

Glen Halliday

Attended Protege last week, and all I can say is the material Paul offers is Mind Blowing!!! Paul is genuinely one of the most experienced gents I’ve had the privilege of meeting and training me.

Mike Finnan

Paul and his team gave me an incredible amount of information. The opportunities for networking and making meaningful connections with other property professionals from all over the UK were worth the entry price alone! The course was intense but full of enthusiasm and fun.

Franck Pauly

Become A Property Protege Member

Our mission is to help you achieve the best version of building wealth and financial freedom through property. Through expert mentorship, proven strategies, access to a phenomenal community, our members become financially free and build successful and profitable property businesses within 12 months and create true wealth.

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Paul McFadden




Paul McFadden is a renowned and respected property and business success coach. Paul is a successful entrepreneur and wealth creation expert. He helps others create wealth through property & business education, training and mentorship.

He learned a valuable lesson growing up in a single-parent home. Despite not having much, he realised that having a positive attitude and working hard are more important.

Paul started his property journey at 19. He built a multi-million pound property portfolio without using any of his own money. By age 26, he became a millionaire. Paul has flipped millions of pounds worth of property and also trading tens of millions of pounds of property deals to other investors.

For more than ten years, Paul has been mentoring people to achieve financial freedom and wealth through Property. He has worked with thousands of individuals and industry leaders. Paul’s achievements have earned him a spot as an honorary member of Robert Kiyosaki’s Wealth Master Panel. 

For more than ten years, Paul has been mentoring people to achieve financial freedom and wealth through Property. He has worked with thousands of individuals and industry leaders. Paul’s achievements have earned him a spot as an honorary member of Robert Kiyosaki’s Wealth Master Panel. 

He advises on investing in Real Estate. He is a sought-after speaker at prestigious events for property and business throughout the UK and Europe. He has received many awards for his success in both areas. Through Paul’s best selling books, free online resources or coaching and mentoring, he will empower you to realise your full potential in property and business.

At Protege, you’ll have the opportunity to learn directly with Paul and his team of experts. Open to all who are committed to success, regardless of age, experience or circumstances. Apply now, and get started. We want you to win and have created the ultimate results driven mentorship program to support you in making it happen.

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Become A Property Protege Member

Our goal is simple, we want to help you achieve financial freedom as well as building long term wealth through property. You’ll obtain access to a team of expert mentors, proven strategies, support and an awesome community. It’s very possible to achieve financial freedom and build a successful property businesses within 12 months.

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