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How Property Protege Gets Results

Mentor-Led Guidance

Learn from experienced property professionals who have achieved what you aspire to. They will guide you and provide ongoing support throughout your property journey.

Proven Models and Strategies

Use proven strategies and follow a step-by-step process to ensure success in property. Stand out and operate like a seasoned property professional.

In-Person Learning

Attend our four-day intensive training sessions at our headquarters. Gain all the knowledge you need to start or grow your property business in a supportive, interactive and engaging environment.

Knowledge & Confidence

You will expand your knowledge of property, which in turn will help you become a confident investor. You’ll gain clarity on a strategy tailored to you, providing the focus required to achieve results.

Access to Investment Opportunities

If you’re looking for property deals, project financing, or a joint venture partner, join our network of property investors ready to collaborate. Work together and achieve success.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with property professionals and industry experts to gain valuable support and insights.

How Property Protege Works

You will learn how to start and grow a property business in our safe and supportive environment. Our experts, who have built successful property portfolios, will guide you step-by-step to achieve the same success.

Pre Event Training & Support

Protege Onboarding Support

Upon joining, you'll gain immediate access to our online training and receive assistance in selecting a live event to attend. We’ll help you plan your initial steps for quick wins, accelerating your path to success

Pre-Event Training Content

Join our supportive community to share ideas, celebrate wins, and get quick answers. Form friendships, create partnerships, and make deals. Whether you're new or have a million-pound portfolio, our network provides extensive support.

4-Day Protege Intensive

The Protege Intensive course helps you become a property professional, regardless of your starting point. Learn property investment and the mindset to grow a profitable property business

Investment Strategies and Property Development

Learn to build a profitable portfolio with BTL, BRRR, HMOs, Serviced Accommodations, Lease Options, and Assisted Sales. Master buying and flipping properties, managing renovations, and working with builders.

Find & Finance Your Deals

Discover how to find profitable deals on and off the market, mitigate risks with due diligence, structure and finance deals, negotiate effectively and raise private investment.

Access Our Expert Team

Gain direct access to Paul McFadden and his expert business partners. Benefit from insights of tax advisors and finance specialists for funding.

Your Investment Strategy

By the end of the Protege event, you'll have a step-by-step investment plan that has helped many achieve financial freedom within 12 months.

Live In Person Event

Ongoing Mentorship And Support

Tools, Resources & Training Library

After the event, access the advanced sections of the Protege Training Vault for in-depth materials and post-event modules on business structures, tax efficiency, compliance, and more

24/7 Private Online Support Group

Gain access to our private Facebook and Telegram groups to ask questions and get prompt responses. Real learning happens in the field, and our support group and Zoom calls provide the guidance you need.

Regular Group Zoom Calls

Join our weekly Zoom calls with the Protege community for ongoing training, updates and support. Hear about deals and successes, and get all your questions answered.

The Property Protege Tribe

Join our supportive community to share ideas, celebrate wins and get quick answers. Form friendships, create partnerships and make deals. Whether you're new or have a million-pound portfolio, connect with investors and potential partners for extensive support and funding.

Become A Property Protege Member

We help you achieve financial freedom and build wealth through property. Our members build profitable property businesses within a year with expert mentorship, proven strategies, and a supportive community.

Only 7 Spaces Left

Don’t Miss Out!

How to Join Our 12-Month Property Protege Mentorship


Begin by Applying

Click "Apply Now" to start your journey. Complete the form to provide information about yourself and schedule a call. The application is FREE. Be thorough in your responses—more detail is better.


Schedule Your Consultation

After applying, book a call with our team to learn more about the Property Protege programme. This is your chance to ask questions and see if the programme suits you. No on-the-spot commitments are accepted.


Enrolment Decision

We will carefully review your application as well as reflect on our discussion. If the Protege programme is a good fit and will help you reach your goals, we'll accept your application, welcome you to the community and begin your onboarding process.


Welcome to the Programme

Upon joining, you'll immediately access our online training, choose a live event to attend, and receive a welcome pack with additional support materials. We'll also help you plan initial steps for quick wins to accelerate your success.


Experience the Live Protege Event

Attend our intensive four-day event to develop a personalised strategy. Afterwards, receive a year of mentorship support, helping many achieve financial freedom within 12 months. Your success is our commitment.

What our Protege Attendees Say...

What Our Clients Are Saying

Paul McFadden

Renowned entrepreneur, award-winning business coach, and leading authority on wealth creation.

Starting his property journey at the age of 19, Paul built a multi-million-pound property portfolio, achieving financial freedom and millionaire status by 26. Today, he dedicates his time to mentoring others, empowering thousands to transform their lives and attain financial freedom through property investment.

Throughout his career, Paul’s remarkable achievements have made him a globally sought-after speaker at prestigious property and business events. His expertise has also earned him an honorary membership in Robert Kiyosaki’s Wealth Master Panel.

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