Alex Summers
“I would describe ALG as being a group of guys who are very very clever, very educated in property and lots of other businesses as well and I would say you have to get involved because you are missing out.”
Calum Kirkness
“ALG have transformed my life and given me a whole new knowledge in property and the experience I’ve had since joining ALG, it has just opened a whole new realm of possibilities.”
Jane Buchan
“Paul’s content on packaged deals and more importantly how to assess a package deal, how to work out how a deal is a deal, that has really been the key.”

Lee Hounsom
“I have described them as a really professional company that can assist with whatever property journey you are on, whether it be through marketing, business or anything like that.”
Neil Anglim
“I always pick something up that will help me make more money in my business. The chemistry I get with them is they really want you to succeed, that’s the biggest thing.”
Phil Essery
“…probably the most insightful thing I've been on in my life, I feel like it's given me so many little secrets, little gems, hidden gems here and there, big and small and it's hopefully set me up for things to come.”
Stevie Clarke
“Training that I like the best was training with ALG on mindset, that has completely changed my whole outlook on life, on property and business and where I want to be and who I want to become”
Sean McIntyre
“It's not just about the knowledge, the information and the content they teach you, it's the fact that they have been there themselves before, they know what it is that you need”
Ross Henderson
“ALG have brought a lot of positivity to my life, just so many different aspects of it, from the mindset, certain property strategies, my network has grown so much since I started”
Matt Fairleigh
“…on top of that it's the deal sourcing, it's the simple cash flow, the income that I need every month to be building my own portfolio and that's what I'm taking away from it all.”
Ross Dougan
“ALG are another level. You're not finding out a tiny bit about property, you are finding out everything to do with mindset, systems, structure and how to succeed, so just go for it, ignore everything else.”
David Barr
“ALG have already opened my eyes to the potential in the property business. I've been an investor for quite a few years but I was blind to strategies that are now becoming more obvious.”
Angela Coia
“The education part has been second to none. My thoughts have completely changed, I'm fresh, I'm new, I'm up for it, I'm nervous but I'm absolutely up for it, so yeah. Recommend it.”
Dani Spence
“The biggest thing for me was mindset, I'm easily talking myself out of tasks that I don't want to do, putting things off but all the mindset stuff was great to put me in the right position going forward.”
Ian Thomas
“Really looking forward now just going out there, and looking to apply the strategies. No hesitation in recommending this course for anyone who wants to make the leap into property.”
Joe Cooper
“They've taken all the experiences and packaged this course up to help people like me who are just beginning, and basically fast tracking everything so we can go and make the most of it…”
Ross Kerr
“This has been a life changing 4 days for me. It's opened up my eyes to what can be achieved and I know that going forward I'm going to succeed and build myself a successful property business.”
Ryan Colbeck
“It's been great. The things I've learned in 4 short days really has been unreal and I can't recommend it highly enough for anybody that's thinking about getting into property.”
Ali Conlon
“All the people that are involved in the company they are actually out there doing deals themselves and they don't just talk about the way things can be done, they give you absolute examples.”
Lynne Ambrose
“Hi, I'm Lynne Ambrose and I'm attending the ALG property protege course, the biggest insight for me is how easy it is to raise finance, I'd definitely recommend this course to my friends.”
Jay Turner
“I feel it has shaped me as a person and even if I don't go forward in property which I know I will, going forward in my life I know I’ll be a better person, I know I will be more successful.”
Iain Birmingham
“My aim is to go full–time as a property investor and this was the first and most logical step to do that, so it's been very educational and if I can put in 5% of what I've learned in the last 4 days, I'll be doing well.”
Ryan Fitzpatrick
“The training style has been really relaxed but packed full of really good content, stuff that we are going to take away and just expand on and have that support network behind us.”
Zareen Wainwright
“The ALG guys give you a no Bullshit approach to property, that's the approach I like, I would highly recommend it to anybody who wants to quit their job and focus full–time in property.”
Leslie Asanti-Ntoni
“It's been a great 4 days and I'm really looking forward to the mentorship which is going to take place afterwards, which is 12 months follow up and I would recommend it to anybody.”
Gordon Midler
“The event was run professionally, very slick, content was huge, quite overwhelming at times but with nothing left out or feeling like you know, you were missing anything or rushed.”
David McGuire
“The reason I've come back is because I knew I would get new insights, I've got lots of new ideas, I've got things to go and action off the back of things even though I got taught the first time.”
John Bellingham
“A preconception that I had was the only way to get into property was to do traditional buy-to-lets, having now been on the course the last 4 days has kind of blown my mind in that area of regard.”
Neil Davidson
“I was lucky enough to meet Paul and Billy who are fantastic mentors for me and great teachers, learned a lot over the 4 day course in Glasgow and I can't wait to get the business started.”
Jamie Stewart
“I'm just at the end of the 4 day event now, loved it, feeling really prepared now to go into the marketplace and source deals, feel as if I've had all the training and it's up to myself now.”
Eros Enrici
“…like when you find there's no money around and you want to invest in property then there's endless amounts of finance, they show you exactly who has got it, where to find it, how to get it.”
Nancy Isbister
“I feel through protege I'm becoming a better version of myself, I work more on who I am from the start of my day and through that I've got the confidence to go and apply what I've learned.”
Kelly Innes
“If I was to recommend it to anyone, I would definitely say if it's something you're thinking about, don't hesitate, just do it, it's one of the best investments you'll ever do.”
Barry McAllister
“On the 3rd day of ALG’s property protege, what I've liked about it is the aspect of finance, how accessible finance can be because I have buy to-lets already and that has been my stalling point.”
Marc Duguid
“I've come on this course with absolutely no experience and to be honest the last 4 days have been absolutely brilliant, it's blown my mind. The possibilities, the strategies, everything along with it.”
Junior OO
“If you're really serious about going into property as a serious investor and obviously if you want to take it as a business potentially I think that you need a course like this to help you shape your mind.”
Adam Stanley
“It's not for the lighthearted if you don't want to be taken out of your comfort zone. A lot of it was around mindset and just proof in the pudding, I would not have come and done the video 3 days ago.”
Bonnie Marshall
“I've just attended the ALG property protege, this weekend with Paul and Billy, it has been absolutely amazing, I've learned so much, things that I didn't even know were possible.”
Colin Young
“I'm absolutely blown away by all the things I've learned over the course. I came into it thinking that property was a challenging and difficult business to get into and it's been completely turned around.”
Al Jackson
“I thought this wasn't for me, I thought I knew what I was doing. No, I didn't know what I was doing. I got a much bigger idea and now I'm fired up and I'm going to go out there and I'm going to kill it.”
Ross McAllister
“It just shows you what is really possible, it's all mapped out, it's all there if you just follow the plan, stick to the plan. You can do it, you can go after your dreams.”
Paul Scholey
“I'm going to take all these lessons into my business moving forward, learned a great deal and would highly recommend these guys for anyone who's thinking about coming on a future protege course.”
John Hamilton
“People are like ‘I’ve tried that before, it can't be done’ but Paul and Billy have shown me how it can be done. It's simple, you just got to believe in yourself and go for it. Thanks very much.”
Malcolm Feist
“I've learned phenomenal insights to take my business to the next level, to help me grow and expand, not only as a property professional but as an individual. I've loved every single moment.”
Tom McKenna
“…to meet Billy and Paul and realise how successful they've been and then give us the blueprint and the systems to follow, as long as I do that it'll be all good. Yeah enjoyed it, very good.”
Jenny Essery
“I feel like I've been given permission to just focus on things and not be expected to multitask and that there's nothing wrong with that and there’s lots of little nuggets like that I could take forward…
Ross Wilson
“It's been great being here, meeting a lot of new people, with networking and learning a whole lot of new information, so I would definitely recommend it if you're on the fence, just go ahead with it.”
Zenobia Robertson
“My biggest insights have been that mindset is the most important thing, and not only that you need to focus and actually do the work because if you don't, nothing is going to happen for you.”
Greg McMillan
"You will learn numerous techniques in how to raise finance, destroy limiting beliefs and it will give you a vision, a picture for the future, meaning you can go forward."

Nick Guit
“The biggest thing from the course would be the amount of revenue streams there is, my mind is bursting with how much money I can make and how many different ways I can make it."
Bryan Swales
“Been a very insightful few days, biggest coming away with is Mindset, it’s a massive thing, massive. Also the ways of raising finance..."
Louise Vicente
"It’s been a great experience, learning new avenues of working with different properties, trading, sourcing, Buy-To-Let, Buy-To-Flip..."
Alistair McLeod
“I think one of the biggest insights for me is just the sheer potential for dealing and trading in property and how easy it is to access finance, so my mind is absolutely packed with great information..."

Graham Waddell
“My biggest insight from this program is how simple it is to invest in property, I’ve been involved in property for a long time and this had made me realise how easy and simple it is."
Peter O'Neill
"I’ve been in property for quite a while but not making much money at it, this course has given me good insight to go forward now and proper money."
Barry Maguire
“A great insight from the course, dealing with obviously all the raising finance issue that I’ve been getting over and I’m just hoping to take that on and continue my property journey onwards."

Peter Chrystal
“The biggest insight I took away from it was availability of finance, you know coming from someone who hasn’t got great credit, it has blown my mind, the actual availability of all the different sources of finance."
Nicola Shah
"I think I’ve learned more in the last three days than I have in my entire school, university, career combined, about life and how the world works and the opportunities that are out there."
Scott Ferrie
“It’s opened buy mind massively, Billy’s talks on mindset are just out of this world. They blow you away, they literally make you realise, why not you?"

Ryan Macgillvary
“ALG event was fantastic. Some of the insights, not even property specific, just business in general, the knowledge of the guys is on another level."
Ashvin Rajkoomar
"Wow… This weekend has been absolutely unbelievable. Some of the stuff that I’ve learned about property has been out of this world."
Valerie Mackay
“They’ve given us all the tools to succeed in property and that’s my plan to go ahead from now. So I definitely recommend for anyone thinking of trading property to give it a go."

Cameron Hughes
“It’s mind-blowing really - the insights from Billy and Paul. It’s been quite an experience."
Eddie Tribe
“If you think you need money to invest in property - you don’t. I would highly recommend this course, so for anyone who’s not sure and just thinking about getting into property, go on this course."
James Duguid
“Biggest insight over the last couple of days has been my mindset, breaking down barriers and how you come across. Secondly, the biggest thing was raising finance."
Oliver Grant
“My biggest insight from this course has been the different ways to raise more finance, the land deals that you can push to get towards when you come to the next level."
Eddie Rooney
“I was very sceptical before I came. However, I’m on day three and it was a fantastic move, it was a worthwhile investment, I would recommend it to whole parties."
Del Bowes
“It’s absolutely fantastic. Learnt a lot, I think my head is about to explode with the amount of information I’ve taken in."
Declan Rooney
“I got lots of insights into the world of property and a lot of information that I never even knew existed, mostly how you can start a property business, without needing any upfront capital or knowledge."
Louise Sharpe
“I’d really recommend the course for anyone that wants to get into property, either for themselves or to help other people, but doesn’t know where to start."
David Degnan
“When I first came here, my whole idea was about just how to make a kind of second income, and now on the third day, I really started to see this as a full-time."
Edoardo Anson
“There’s a lot of talk on how to approach this game and be as confident as you possibly can."
Martin Feguson
“Some of the systems, processes and ability to look at how you structure the deal properly, it’s been absolutely mind-blowing."
Andrew Rae
“I didn’t really have much knowledge in the housing industry, coming from a construction background. I’ve came into this, it’s totally opened my eyes up to a whole new different world out there."
Ian Muldowney
“The biggest thing that I’ve taken from the course personally, as well as all the aspect of learning about property, is the concentration on yourself and pushing your boundaries."